Kick Off saturday

7 11 2010

This weekend, Frank, Jan and I did a little Kick Off saturday.

First Frank and I visit a local 3rd league match between SV Wehen Wiesbaden and VFR Aalen. Finally I was able to wear my SVWW trikot in public and I also saw the new stadion (3 years old 🙂 in real.

Unfortunately the SVWW had a realy bad day and with only two chances (at least one was a goal) in the whole game it was a deserved away victory for the guys from Alb.

After the game Jan appeared, and we had a series of friendlies. I could use my new joystick (Ruhmbringer) for the first time, and it’s a great one. I’m shure I will have a lot of fun with it in the future.

After the Kick Off we did some organizational discussions about the upcoming Kick Off season 2011 and finally we watch a movie: “Hot Fuzz” a great comedy from the UK.



19 06 2010

During our trip to the “Artic invite” to Tromsoe / Norway, we had the chance to see a match of the 3rd round of the norwegian cup between Tromsdahlen UIL (2nd division) and Tromsoe IL (1st Division). Tromdahlen is a suburb of Tromsoe, so it was a real derby. We were in the stadium of TUIL and it was a great atmosphere and damned cold if the sun was not shining and damned hot if the sun was shining.