Hessian Kick Off Championship 2010 – report

11 04 2010

The Hessian kick off champs took place at the 10th of April in the Hessian capital Wiesbaden. The weather was great, and finally 8 players made it to Germany’s nicest town to play the Hessian champs.

Only half an hour behind the schedule, we started the tournament. In the first round everybody played against everybody. Beside Frank who did a sovereign round and won all his games. There were a lot of hard fights for the next places. Here are some interesting surprises:

  • Horst L,3,Carsten P,1
  • Cornelius H,1,Horst L,2
  • Volker B,3,Jan K,4 (first victory of Jan against Volker)
  • Volker B,3,Carsten P,3
  • Thorsten B,2,Jan K,2
  • Thorsten B,2,Carsten P,0 (fist victory of Thorsten against Carsten)

Next we had a gold cup of the four best players of round one and a silver cup for the other players. Again some surprises:

  • Frank F,4,Volker B,4,
  • Juan S,0,Carsten P,0,
  • Jan K,3,Carsten P,2,

Frank and Volker the best players of the gold cup decided not to play a game for the 1st place in of the gold cup to decide who starts on place 1 in the half finale. Jan K and Juan S played their first game of shame which ended 0-0.

To get the two other players for the half finale we played a quarter finale of the two best players form the silver cup and the players scored 3rd and 4th  from the gold cup.

Thorsten beat Horst and Carsten beat Cornelius, so surprisingly both players of the silver cup won against the gold cup players.

Next were the half finals. No surprises at all, Frank beat Thorsten and Volker beat Carsten.

Now we were a little bit behind the schedule, but anyway, we started the finals. First there was the final game of shame. Both players scored one goal so we saw the first penalty shooting. Juan was the better one in the penalty shooting:

So our shamie was: Jan K.

In the game for the 5th place it looks like Cornelius will do an easy win leading 2-0 already. Then support by his RMKO mates, Horst scored 3 goals in a row (all the time a simple “Day Trick”).

So place 5 went to Horst L

The game for place 3 was a hard fight between Carsten and Thorsten. Carsten lead 2-1 when Thorsten scored the 2-2 surrounded by a loud “Jawohl” 🙂 In the extra time nothing happened, and in the penalty shooting Carsten was the better one.

So place 3 went to Carsten P.

Before the final, it was time to give away the RMKO award for outstanding efforts for the Kick Off sport.

The award was given to Jan K, who managed to relaunch the german kick off website. So people who stumble over the site will not get the feeling, that nothing happened since 2007. In steed they see, that we are hyperactive. Thanks agian Jan.

The final starts with one goal for each player, when suddenly the monitor fails. After a short break the final started again, and Frank placed like a maschine. Another demonstration of his strenght. Volker had no chance at all and the game ends 11-2 for Frank.

So congratulation to Frank F the old and new Hessian champ. Also congratulation to Volker, becoming number 2 is also a great achievement.