Gadgets from the Italian Kick Off Championship

4 06 2010

In the tournament I reached place 11. My best result in 4 years. Well maybe because there were less players, but I won all the games I had to win and did a draw against Flavio, so I reached my aims. I was also close to gain some more points in some other games and especially the game against Oliver St. was one of my best even that I lost, so I show this medal with proud.

Beside the medal, I bought a USB – 9pin Joystick adapter from Gianni. With this adapter, I could use my normal Joystick on the PC or whatever machine offers usb. Since I plan to play more Kick Off on the PC, thats a important gadget.


Retro Weekend 07/2010

15 02 2010


Saturday at the Wiesbaden Gaming Lab meeting, maSTer64 joined our forces for the first time. Thanks to the HomeCon it looks that we are now 4 retro gamers in the Rhein-Main area who meet regulary.

The pizza at the meeting was also very good, but the highlite was my triumpf in the Blip Tournament.  Wizard said at the HomeCon that it was only luck that I won the tournament, cause he lost in the half finals 9-10 against OiZombie. So I used the chance to show him, that he was wrong of couse.

It was also the first time we could used the new WGL blog, to post the results of the meeting. We also finished our WGL flyer, so it now up to us to do some advertisment, and hopefully we will grow a little bit. With 5 or 6 players it would be possible to play Grenzüberschreitung, Multi Cervi and Checkered Flag.


Ragstaff postet, that scoring in Pacmania based on eating the bonus over and over again, that demotivates me a lot.  I like games where your challenge is to reach the higher level, or see new parts of a level, but doing the same stuff again and again and not going up to a higher level is not my kind of game. So at least the challenge is worth to beat the score of the others.

In the IRC we managed to finalize the texts for the STOT flyer. I will put the stuff now on the STOT blog.


During the training, I started to try to get the ball hight from the side into the penalty box. I have to train a little bit more, but one nice goal was a good motivation.