Retro Bolz Tag #1 die Resultate

12 08 2012

Die Resultate der 4 Spiele:

  • Pele Soccer (Atari 2600)
  • Sensible Soccer (Atari ST)
  • Kick Off 2 (Amiga)
  • Pro Evolution Soccer (PS2)

sind hier

Hier das Bild des Ergebnisses des Kick Off 2 Turniers


RMKO Kick Off 2 Turnier in Hanau am 5.5

1 04 2012

Zur Eröffnung der Grillsaison werden wir am Samstag den 05.05.2012 um 14’00 ein Kick Off Turnier in Hanau veranstalten. Alle Kick Off begeisterten sind herzlich eingeladen zu kommen.

Gespielt wird die KOA Version von Kick Off 2. Selbstverständlich mit APT Auswahl. Jeder gegen Jeden 2 Runden ist wahrscheinlich, hängt aber von der Anzahl der Teilnhemer ab.

Anschließend wird gegrillt.


Tournament at the Videospieltreffen in Leonberg

31 07 2011

At the Videospieltreffen we had a small tournament.


For the first time Michael E from Freiburg joined us. He is a experienced player, and we will see what will happen to his career.

The final result was, that he beat Jan K 10-0 !! But lost high angainst Frank and Thorsten

Final Table:

1. Frank F
2. Thorsten B
3. Michael E
4. Jan K

RMKO players did well at the Summertourny in Reichshof

3 07 2011

The tournament that was organised by Oliver St. was a good opportunity to meet the leading german players. 5 players were present: Oliver St, Frank F, Freddy B and Jan K.

After some friendlies with Oliver and Frank, Freddy arrived and we had some great self made Pizza.

Next Jan arrived with a huge suitcase. Inside he had his new Joystick, a selfmade arcade stick put inside a wooden case.

The tournament was quit successfull for the RMKO players:

  • Frank archieved place 2. After a bad start for him, he became stronger and stronger during the tournament and if he wouldn’t lose concentration in the determining game against Oliver when he was already 8-4 in the lead and only manage to score a 8-8 he would have won the tournament. But he beat Oliver once and was very close to another victory.
  • Thorsten repeated his strong performance from the last tournament and archieved place 3. He beates Freddy two times (first victory ever against him), had two draws against Frank and most important managed to eke out a draw against Oliver. In the last round he struggled a little bit, but in the end one of the best results ever
  • Jan was not able to play at the same level then the others, but he also enjoyed the tournament and he was able to test his new self made stick.

Then after the normal gossip we went home. We look forward for the next year issue of this nice and challenging tournament. Thanks to Oliver for hosting an his famous piety 🙂

Newyears eve kick 2011 – Neujahrskick 2011

8 01 2011

Once again we follow our tradition “Kick Off statt Böller” (no rockets but Kick Off). This time we did not hesitate and first watch some movies, but after a while it was time for a Kick Off tournament.

The participants:

  • Frank  F
  • Thorsten B
  • Jan K
  • Jörg D

Like every year, I first played agaisnt Jan. And once again I managed to score the first Goal in 2011. I won 4-1. After the first goal 2011, I did the first evil lob (3-0) followed by Jan’s first goal 2011 (3-1) and my first Jawohl goal 2011.

The rest of the tournament was without any suprise.

Here the results:
Jan K,-1,Thorsten B,-1
Joerg D,0,Frank F,15
Joerg D,-1,Jan K,-1
Frank F,-1,Thorsten B,-1
Jan K,1,Frank F,11
Thorsten B,3,Joerg D,0
Thorsten B,4,Jan K,1
Frank F,-1,Joerg D,-1
Jan K,2,Joerg D,0
Thorsten B,1,Frank F,4
Frank F,-1,Jan K,-1
Joerg D,-1,Thorsten B,-1

And here the final table:

1. Baden Wuerttembergische Kick Off 2 Meisterschaft 2010 – results

3 10 2010
Horst L,1,Frank F,7,
Jörg D,1,Jörg S,4,
Jörg D,0,Thorsten B,1,
Jörg S,0,Frank F,12,
Jörg S,2,Horst L,7,
Frank F,5,Thorsten B,3,
Frank F,14,Jörg D,0,
Thorsten B,3,Horst L,1,
Thorsten B,5,Jörg S,0,
Horst L,5,Jörg D,0,
Frank F,8,Horst L,1,
Jörg S,0,Jörg D,2,
Thorsten B,5,Jörg D,0,
Frank F,10,Jörg S,0,
Horst L,3,Jörg S,0,
Thorsten B,3,Frank F,5,
Jörg D,0,Frank F,12,
Horst L,2,Thorsten B,3,
Jörg S,0,Thorsten B,4,
Jörg D,0,Horst L,11,

RMKO goes Sensible World of Soccer

18 07 2010

This weekend Frank F and Thorsten B visit the Donatus Cup 2010 in Frohnrath near Euskirchen near Cologne (in the Eifel hills).

We wantd to find out, if the sensible scene is comparable to the Kick off scene, and we found out that it is comparable. We had a great day at the tournament and we meet a loot of friendly people.

The tournament itself started around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. We were 17 players. We had some rain in the morning, so it was not as hot as the days before and it was a great time, to play some games and sit outside and talk a bit. We also did a barbecue and some pizzas were ordered. Frohnrath is a very little village and the location was the village community centre I guess. We had everything we need there and enough space for 2 old PC systems (Windows ME) to run the PC-SWOS version.
The tournament went trough the first round. Next the players finished last in the two groups did another round, while the rest did a qualification round for the quarter finals. The players finished last in the qualification round also did a own round while the rest playing the quarter, half and final (also the game for the 3rd place). So in the end the tournament ended at 0.30 on Sunday!

Frank had no luck and was in the group with the better players. He managed to win 2 games and had some draws, but ended in the fun cup. There he managed to score no goal and so he ended last of the tournament.

Thorsten had luck and was in the easier group. There he won his first Sensible Soccer game ever and also did well in the other games. In the end he won 3 games and had some more draws. In the qualification round he had no chance at all and did not even scored a gaol, so in the end. He also finished last in the next round (but at least a goal and a draw) and finally finished 12th. A great success. The halffinals were great sport. In the final Peter had no chance against Andreas, so the favorite AndyYpsilon (Andreas) won the tournament.