Unity Sidebar finaly works fine

12 09 2014

I installed ubuntu 14.04 two weeks ago on my Thinkpad. This time I choosed the option to let the Unity sidebar slite out if not needed. And suprise, suprise it works fine. Before it often hangs, but now it works as designed. Well done Ubuntu.


Hatari 1.7 installed under Ubuntu 13.10

23 01 2014

I know from previous installations, that this is a streight forward installation, so it was more or less.

1) Download the actual Version 1.7 from the homepage:


2) extract it to a folder of your choice

3) install cmake,sdl libs

4) change to the new extracted folder,
5) run ./configure
6) run make
7) run sudo make install

8) run hatari

The first boot

9) copy the tos image of your choice to a place you like.

10) Press F12 to configure Hatari

11) Configure “ROM” to point to your tos image

12) reboot

The original TOS Screen (TOS 1.0.4 German)

13) Choose a File to Load into Drive A

A game (Mission Elevator) loaded

14) Have fun