New ST Setup

21 01 2018

I setup my STE wtih 4MB (will never use them) and a nice SC1224 a friend of mine lend me.


After I took this picutre, I had a 20 minutes search for the USB stick for the Gotek inside the STE. Finally I found some USB sticks and tested them. First was some photos, next a linux distribution and a Gotek stick, but the one for the Falcon. So I had a look at my blog where I posted the setup of the Gotek in the STE a while ago, and finally I got an idear which USB stick to search for. And found it!


Gotek USB on the right, also added the Joystick extention (right under the STE) and the one and only greekstick.



My first game in 2018

1 01 2018


Happy gaming in 2018


7 11 2017

Saturday we had our first Kick Off Revival tournament here in Frankfurt. The results were the expected ones, even that the 0-0 draw between Christian and Jan was a suprise, since their last unofficial game ended 2-1. Concratulation to Horst for winning.


Just got an evil white screen of death on my Falcon due to missing Screeneye

6 02 2016

Seems that the NVRAM stored, that the device have to be pressent. I turned on my Falcon and got the white screen of death. After I while and reading some forums I put back the screeneye I put out recently and it worked again.

Retro Bolz Tag 2012. Am 11.08 im For Amusement Only in Rodenbach

20 07 2012

Begin: 14:00
Ort: For Amusement Only, Bahnhofsstr. 45, 63517 Rodenbach
Einritt: 5 Euro
Pele Soccer (Atari VCS 2600) Jeder gegen Jeden
Sensible Soccer (Atari ST oder Atari Jaguar) Jeder gegen Jeden
Kick Off 2 (Amiga) Jeder gegen Jeden
Kick Off 2 (Amiga), 2 Spieler Team, Jedes Team gegen Jedes andere Team
Pro Evolution Soccer 2004 (Playstation 2), Jeder gegen Jeden
Benötigte Sachen Bitte eigene Joysticks mitbringen, es sind aber auch genug vor Ort

HomeCon #12: Der mit den Segas tanzt

22 05 2011
Friday I had a good night Kick Off and a good movie called “Legion” at Franks place in Mannheim. We also used the time to coordinate the dates for the upcoming Summer tournaments in the near of Gummersbach and in Frankfurt. So it looks good for a nice Kick Off summer all over Europe.

At the HomeCon there was no Kick Off station ready, so first I bought a used copy of “The Bard’s tale” for the C64. I do not own a C64, but I like to have a original box of the classic at home.

In the meantime the organizers of the Sega Championship arrived and started to build up their stuff. Hessi (HomeCon organizer) had build out the seats of his van an so we had 4 nice seats for the players.

And finaly Newalix arrived and we could play Kick Off. In the end we had a nice little tournament. Horst become really efficient with his 45 degree shots, so we had some close matches.

Thorsten B – Frank F 2-2, 1-3:
Another draw. But I want’s a victory next time I’m so close.
Thorsten B – Horst L 4-2,2-1:
Both times Horst scores first, but my better Midfield saved the games.
Thorsten B – Jan K 5:1,4:1
Jan was not as good as in the last tournaments. Easy wins in the end.

Between the games we also participated in the Sega Tournament:

Round 1: Bomber Man
I played against Oerg and he won 3-2. Again won 2 rounds in this game. Not bad. In the Sega Megadrive version you could get a dino to ride on it. This is a second live, so if you die, only your dino is dead. So if your opponement have a dino and you not, that is a disadvantage I learned in the final match.

Round 2: Micro Maschines 2
Great game. I lost against Neewalix, but we had some funny fights. Loved to let him die on the sponge. Hope to play that game more often

Round 3: Columns
Cause I did not knew that with button C you could give some lines to your opponement, the game was not that funny for me 🙂 Well a game that is not one of my favorites.

Round 4: Sonic 2
A must for sega fans, but not a game for newbies.

Round 5: Super Kick Off
The sega version of Kick off is really the opposite of fun. But at least I was able to do the first “Day Trick”. That was the only positive thing. A shame for the Kick Off line.

It was nice to meet the enthusiastic Sega people and we had some fun playing different games. To improve a Tournament with people who do not regular play all these games and also not regular use a game pad, it would be nice to have a short explaination of the games before you play.

During the tournament I also had time to talk and play a little bit around. Played G.Radius on the PS1. A great game. Also thanks to Ebby that he thought on my Mega ST2. I bought G.Radius on my RCM trip two weeks ago, so I will have a shooting soon on my PS2.

Now it was time to go home. The nice weekend tripp was finished by meal at KFC and some 3 Kick Off games.

WGL November 2010 meeting

5 12 2010

With a bit of a delay, here is the WGL November meeting report.

Attendants were:


We started WGL this time with playing “The New Zealand story” in which a Kiwi is the main character, that was very funny and featured some unique ideas. Especially the music was ace!

Here are the scores:
Thorn 74k
FrankF 34816
Wizard 27200
Nafcom 24150

This time we continued the WGL differently, we wanted to also experience the bombastic German culture of Wiesbaden this time and so we attended the “Exground Film Festival” and watched the short-film competition part  2 which consisted of many short film contributations from all over the world, e.g. one from Argentina (or maybe Brazil? –  we couldn’t really figure out that tiny bit of information, sorry folks), France, Ireland and of course Germany.  Considering this was an international event, all movies were subtitled in English.

It was pretty interesting, e.g. how milk is connected with stopping to smoke or how nasty and unlogical women who are married can be (0ne of Thorn’s faves, probably because it  was a bit bloody 😀 )

The film maker from France also came on stage and was inquired some  bits, unfortunately he couldn’t speak English. He came with a friend who spoke German but the interviewer wasn’t willing to translate into English as it would take too much time. In the end it took way more time to see the French guy trying to speak English

He also interviewed a few other film makers, all in all it was very interesting and a neat change!

After that we went to the Thai express which was very delicious and very fast indeed (it took only about 5 mins per meal).

After that we went back to Thorn’s home and played a bit  Wii Resort on the Nintendo Wii:

Table-tennis was very nice and basketball needed a bit of training but did it well after we understood how the controls do work. Fancing was fun, it most likely like we are trying to beat air 😀

Thorn had a bit of a trouble with steering the water ski first but once holding it in the correct angle it all worked fun 🙂

Rowing required a bit of timing in which some failed a bit but hey it’s all about the fun, right? 🙂

We ended with archery which was the most successful for each of us as the steering really was easy to figure out and you just needed an easy eye 🙂

While the others went back home, Frankf, me and Thorn stayed and we played Gaunlet this time with a working tactic even! However we failed to beat the dragon in the end 😦 At 6 AM the dragon won and we took some sleep to be with enough energy for an exhausting breakfast the other day 🙂