retrothemen #08/2010

28 02 2010


Finally the new Blog at is ready to use. Also the flyer is finished and will be used at the next meetings. The Forum seems to be up again, and the actual game: Switchblade II is a great game.

I managed to score 79800 so far, being a little bit behind Xerus and SSB.


The flyer is also finished, as well as a slideshow of pictures, I bought a digital photo frame for. Looks nice, and a lot of greate memories. During my trainings I manged a new record in scored goals: I did a 9-3 against the computer.


Also the WGL flyer is finished.


I started to play Dragon Blade on the Wii. It’s a nice game due to the wii controls of the light sword.

Millenium Falcon

Not long ago MF was looking really bad. But now finally the new case is finished and also a new Disk drive is build in. Next will be to replace the big network card by a Hydra, I will get from SSB next week.

MF near death

MF reborn


Retro Weekend 07/2010

15 02 2010


Saturday at the Wiesbaden Gaming Lab meeting, maSTer64 joined our forces for the first time. Thanks to the HomeCon it looks that we are now 4 retro gamers in the Rhein-Main area who meet regulary.

The pizza at the meeting was also very good, but the highlite was my triumpf in the Blip Tournament.  Wizard said at the HomeCon that it was only luck that I won the tournament, cause he lost in the half finals 9-10 against OiZombie. So I used the chance to show him, that he was wrong of couse.

It was also the first time we could used the new WGL blog, to post the results of the meeting. We also finished our WGL flyer, so it now up to us to do some advertisment, and hopefully we will grow a little bit. With 5 or 6 players it would be possible to play Grenzüberschreitung, Multi Cervi and Checkered Flag.


Ragstaff postet, that scoring in Pacmania based on eating the bonus over and over again, that demotivates me a lot.  I like games where your challenge is to reach the higher level, or see new parts of a level, but doing the same stuff again and again and not going up to a higher level is not my kind of game. So at least the challenge is worth to beat the score of the others.

In the IRC we managed to finalize the texts for the STOT flyer. I will put the stuff now on the STOT blog.


During the training, I started to try to get the ball hight from the side into the penalty box. I have to train a little bit more, but one nice goal was a good motivation.

WGL 10 2009

18 10 2009

After quit a long time, we managed to do another Wiesbaden Gaming Lab (WGL). The idea was born at the HomeCon III where I met Wizard (Holger) again.

Jan (Newa) was also glad that Wizard reappears and so we met on Saturday to play some old games.

We started to show each other the actual games in the STOT (Paradroid 90) and the Abbuc Bundesliga (River Raid).


Paradroid was to complicated for the 8 Bit crowd 🙂

River Raid is still a great game, everybody aggreed.

Next we did a break for some fine indian food we ordered from a nearby restaurant. Now we were ready to play a real 3 player game: Worms


We played worms on a ATARI Jaguar and Wizard who didn’t played the game so far leared fast (also to consider: Newa and I aren’t well known for our Worms talent). We will play it next time again definitly.


Also a great fun was Guitar Hero III on the Wii. I own the game now for half a year or more and never found the time to play it. But yes it’s fun, and I will play it again.

Next we had a look at various PSX games I got from SSB. The winner of the evening was “Circuit Break”. This game is really cool, it’s a Rally Speedway in 3D, and one of the very few games, I would say it was worth to have 3D graphics. It’s a big fun, to kick the opponement from the track down in the canyon and other things like that.


While I tried to assign a second and third pad to the Wii, Newa tried out Soulblade on the PSX, which has a nice soundtrack, but if you know Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast, it’s simply not as nice as Soul Calibur.

Finaly I managed to get the pads working and we played Grand Slam Tennis on the Wii. A really great Tennis game. Unfortunately I was not used to play without the motion controll, so Wizard won (next time …)

Afte Wizard left home, Newa and I played Metal Slug X on the PSX for a while, then Newa also left and the meeting was over.

Was nice to have the old WGL spirit back, and I look forward for the next meeting.